Thotshop is a unique creative art and graphic design studio located in Montrose, CA offering classes, parties, holiday workshops, scouts/school projects & special events for kids, teens and adults. Thotshop provides a fun collaborative environment that encourages the exploration and discovery of design principals and art elements through a variety of tools, techniques and media. The innovative programs at Thotshop strengthen creative thinking, build self-confidence and reveal hidden talents.

People are intimidated by the thought of being creative and what really makes good art but once they understand design is everywhere and the importance art plays in our everyday lives, the far more eager they are to engage and express themselves visually. My goal for Thotshop is to share my knowledge and skills with others, so they too can live artful lives.

I have always loved to make & create things by hand and owe it all to my mom who was forever dabbling in one art form or another. Her joyful curiosity for new ideas and projects, along with her endless creativeness, thankfully was passed on to me.

I graduated from California State Long Beach with a B.A. in Studio Art and developed my concept for Thotshop over many years wanting to follow in my mom’s footsteps teaching art and design. I grew up in La Canada and now live in Montrose with my husband Tom, and three creative daughters.

I LOVE all things graphic and design related, interior everything, typography, drawing, painting, crafting, making & most of all, family. I look forward to sharing what I know with you so come create, explore & learn with me!